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Tragedy strikes at a Waffle Place. What a strange sentence.

A robbery-turned-murder has occurred and you need to find out information on the suspect so you know who to look for. You have a brand-spanking new machine called the ReMemory, which turns flashes of people's memories into images for you to investigate. In this mystery game, you are given only these images and nothing more. It is up to you to really look and discover the details that give away the suspect. You will come to your revelations through your own means, and like a magician, you will pull conclusions out of what seems like nothing.

My entry in the awesome game jam for Games Factory and Weekly Game Jam!

I did not make the music, which comes from here: 

Install instructions

Download the zip folder.  Inside is a folder for Linux and a folder for Windows, ignore the Data folder. In each folder is an application that you click on to play. Enjoy!


Bloody Memories in a Waffle Place 1.0.2.zip 93 MB

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